Advanced IT technologies guarding the state border

General Inspectorate of Border Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova increasing its technical component infrastructure, introducing modern technologies that allow organizing the protection of our state at a new level. With its many years of experience in the field of IT S&T Moldova supports Border Police to achieve these goals.

The General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF) of the Republic of Moldova has implemented a telecommunications network in the state border area of the Republic of Moldova, within the project “Fixed and mobile telecommunications of the Border Guard Service”. The project was carried out under the coordination of the European Union Mission.

The project was developed in two phases, phase I includes the border with Romania between Giurgiulesti and Ungheni, phase II provides radio coverage on the border with Romania and Ukraine, from Ungheni to Soroca and two base stations that cover Chisinau.

The next and logical step was to expand the technologies to the uncovered sectors (Giurgiulesti to Olanesti). In this context S&T Moldova implemented the first phase of Radio relay communication project by helped to setting up the radio-relay transmissions system, serving as data transmission bus between different BPD subdivisions.

This allowed providing each BPD subdivision with IT services, and facilitated integration of several services, data centralization and efficiency in transmitting different type of data: voice, video, digital. The system enables secure fixed and mobile communications, video surveillance and transmission of data between locations, thereby improving the quality of activity of BPD staff.

Interconnection of the Integrated Information System of the Border Police with other national information systems ensures better boarding control, constant data exchange, allowing reducing the waiting time for crossing the border.

In recent years, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova made the major transformation, especially in the development and spread of penetration of information elements, communications and modern elements of information technology, a transformation that requires upgrades and improvements for telecommunications networks. With a high degree of development experience and outstanding references in the mapping of complex business processes, S&T is also a partner in the field of system integration services, including consulting, development, and project management, providing strong implementation support and agile solutions.