Over the years of existence of any company it accumulates a large amount of important, but fragmented digital information. In order to increase the competitiveness, efficiency of access and improve the business activity in a company, it can implement an electronic archive (of information).
The organization of an electronic archive of documents in a company implies the implementation of some of the functions of the electronic system of circulation of documents, which ensures the long-term storage of electronic documents.

An electronic archive must store:
• documents generated within structured corporate processing
• documents created by the employees staff in a free mode within their personal work or in working groups.
Ideally, an electronic archive should be the only place where the electronic documents files are stored.

Tasks performed by the archive:

• protection of information against irretrievable loss or damage;

• release of the office room from the accumulated paper piles;

• reduction in the importance of the human factor as an indispensable “owner” of information;

• easy and rapid search for the required documents directly in the archive, without any “intermediaries”;

• orderly storage enabling the generation of various reports;

• instant reception/sending of the required copies of documents.

The use of the electronic digital signature enables to employ stored documents for a legally significant exchange of information both between companies and between a company and any government authorities.

The S&T Company offers industrial solutions for the implementation of electronic archiving systems, designed for a significant number of users and an exponential growth of the amount of information, based on the EMC Documentum platform. It also offers low cost solutions to create electronic archives of companies based on the EMC Documentum eRoom and Alfresco platforms.