Data processing centers (DPC)


are aimed at consolidating data processing and storage, achieving the desired level of automation of a company’s business processes, ensuring the safety of corporate databases and other information of commercial value. In order to build DPCs, S&T Mold uses solutions and technologies offered by HP, EMC, Oracle, Cisco, VMware, APC, Microsoft and other companies.

Data Storage Systems

The Data Storage Systems implemented by S&T Mold offer a reliable solution to provide the requested information in due time, to store, process, and access it safely, etc. In order to create data storage systems we use the solutions and technologies of EMC, HP, Oracle, etc.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

are high-speed data transmission networks comprising and combining servers, workstations, disk storage and tape libraries. SAN networks employ Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols, enabling the transmission of information over distances of dozens of miles. S&T Mold designs, implements and supports SAN solutions based on technologies of EMC, HP, Cisco, and Oracle.

High-performance clusters

S&T Mold designs, implements and maintains high-performance clusters for platforms such as HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows based on solutions as Microsoft Server Cluster, Oracle Real Application Cluster on the hardware by HP, EMC, Cisco UCS and other manufacturers.

Server virtualization

improves manageability and efficiency as well as reduces the increase of costs for the management of IT systems, using VMware and Hyper-V virtual infrastructure. At the same time this solves the problem of building a new type of IT infrastructure meeting up-to-date requirements to IT systems with the support of SOA, SaaS, IaaS, etc.

Information Security

Incident Monitoring (SIEM)
implies the collection, processing, correlation analysis and response to information security events. The S&T Mold solutions built based on ArcSight products are scalable, reliable, extendable and fail-safe.

Protection against information leakage
is provided by S&T Mold based on Websense and Symantec products. The effectiveness of the proposed solutions enables to evaluate and minimize the risks of information leakage, to implement and optimize the corporate security policy, and to prevent leakage of confidential information.