Public and government organisations

It seems that public authorities in Central and Eastern Europe are currently a group of particular interest to IT companies. High rates of economic development, the expansion of the European Union, as well as the need for additional security measures - all these pose challenging tasks for government agencies and IT companies that serve as their counterparts.

S&T serves both public authorities and state-owned enterprises and non-governmental organizations by providing consulting services, as well as software development, IT solutions implementation and support services.
When working with the public sector the company pays great attention to document management solutions, such as Workflow Management, e-Government, as well as technology that takes into account the specific needs of each particular industry.

S&T has identified a number of IT solutions for governance and public administration that seem to be most promising and timely, namely:

e-Taxation, tax compliance, tax and customs revenues, tax audit, solutions to prevent money laundering;

Monitoring in agriculture and environment protection, introduction of GIS system; inventory keeping; registration, collection, processing and dissemination of information on environmental conditions;

Border control systems, entry control and registration systems, and national security;

Personal identification, information about passports and other identity acts, biometric access systems;

e-Government, portals, e-learning.