Financial Institutions

The markets in the Central and Eastern Europe are continually evolving, and the financial sector is constantly challenged by change. Companies in this field are particularly interested in flexible efficient IT systems and infrastructure. Due to rapid growth, limited budgets and accounting rules, such as Basel III, developing European companies have to tackle a number of issues when making financial transactions. Moreover, as security requirements are toughened IT systems need to perform accordingly.

S&T provides to financial institutions of all types consulting services, project management software, system integration and technical support services, coupled with a comprehensive portfolio of top-notch products and solutions.

As the S&T team sees it, the most promising topical directions for developing IT in finance are:
• Basel III is going to impose significant change in the financial sector. Financial institutions will need to amend their systems and processes at an appropriate pace.

S&T can help you by providing solutions and tools for operational risk management, reporting and accounting services, for the development and implementation of financial systems, and training.

• The Program to combat legalization of criminally derived income - financial institutions are expected to play an active role in the fight against money laundering with a view to implement national legislation and agreements on regional integration.
S&T can help you by providing solutions and tools for ensuring justice, fighting against fraud, monitoring compliance, reporting on system monitoring, and training.

• Financial analytics - the financial sector in the Central and Eastern Europe has expanded significantly lately and continues to grow at a fast pace. It is high time to opt for solutions that ensure long-term profitability. Therefore, information is needed on what actions are effective, which branches have been optimized, where one can earn a good profit.

S&T can help you by providing solutions and tools for reporting, budget and corporate analytics and planning.

• Automated sales - the swift development of the market of products for the financial sector pose challenges in terms of IT infrastructure, technology and equipment used by sales representatives and management in the financial sector. Software tools and corporate solutions are most challenging.

S&T can help you by providing solutions and tools for quick online, offline or mobile access; back-office integration solutions, solutions for legislative systems and for eventual management and forecasting.