The communications industry is undergoing intense change that involves active shifting to new technology. Intense competition in the market exercises strong pressure on operators and service providers, who are expected to constantly expand the range of solutions, optimizing costs for development and support of new types of services.

S&T assist communications operators to rapidly develop and modify not only services, but also similar business processes and operating system support.

S&T's telecommunications and data exchange expertise covers development, implementation and integration of top-notch telecom products, as well as data transmission products.

The S&T team engaged in providing business solutions for telecommunications has extensive experience in developing various platforms (standard/proprietary operating systems, real-time operating systems), using a variety of architectural and embedded systems.

S&T provides architectural and analytical frameworks and methodology for dealing with processes related to developing, setting up and changing plug-and-play business components. To achieve the goals set by customers S&T uses methods that ensure the development of products and services in line with their needs and the agreed timeframe.

S&T provides services to fixed and mobile operators, both widely-known companies and newcomers, consulting, project management, system integration and operational support services, as well as a full range of optimal products and solutions.

Services include:
• Network planning, optimization, configuration and operation control
• Business and service assurance solutions that are ideal for managing large complex information environments
• Inventory keeping by OSS solutions based on microprocessor active inventory databases
• Fraud management, revenue protection and assurance solutions for wired and wireless communication lines and next generation networks
• CDR lifecycle management - CDR collection, internal archiving to ensure regulatory compliance
• Customer assurance - customer service, data warehousing, intelligent systems support
• Network management - OSS; preparing networks for operation, management, and monitoring
• Controlled services - data transmission, BC/DR, PC/server backup, e-mail archiving
• Technical infrastructure - servers, storage devices and advanced security solutions
• Document management, business intelligence solutions and BPO