S&T provides to customers customized solutions based on technology and products of world hardware and software leaders. The S&T's setup combines the benefits of having local expertise and access to the experience and knowledge of staff in 19 countries.

Financial Institutions

The markets in the Central and Eastern Europe are continually evolving, and the financial sector is constantly challenged by change. Companies in this field are particularly interested in flexible efficient IT systems and infrastructure.



The communications industry is undergoing intense change that involves active shifting to new technology. Intense competition in the market exercises strong pressure on operators and service providers, who are expected to constantly expand the range of solutions, optimizing costs for development and support of new types of services.


Public and Government Organisations

It seems that public authorities in Central and Eastern Europe are currently a group of particular interest to IT companies. High rates of economic development, the expansion of the European Union, as well as the need for additional security measures - all these pose challenging tasks for government agencies and IT companies that serve as their counterparts.


Industrial Companies

Nowadays industrial companies need to ensure urgently maximal production efficiency. Active globalization and higher competition catalyze it. Besides, customers have different expectations now and hence enterprises have to constantly improve product quality while reducing costs.