30.05.2014 | Moldova

“Modern Threats and Safeguarding Your Organization” Practical Workshop held by S&T Mold

S&T Mold Company, jointly with worldwide IT leaders Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems, held a workshop on infrastructure security and protection against information threats. At the “Modern Threats & Safeguarding Your Organization” workshop there were presented the tools to structure efficient security policy for undertakings performing in the public, banking, and telecommunications sectors. The invited vendors’ representatives made analysis of the most common mistakes in the field of sensitive data protection and gave advice on how to avoid such in the future.

Within the framework of this event, НР specialists presented such network security products as HP Firewall, HP Next Generation Firewall, Botnet/Malware Protection, DVLabs, Fortify, Intelligent Management Center, and others. Mr. Petr Hnevkovsky, HP ArcSight specialist, gave an online presentation on the practical use of ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager product, a powerful scalable solution to monitor the level of protection and compliance, capable to promptly detect and eliminate cyber-threats. Patrick Diaz, HP regional manager, presented the HP TippingPoint Next Generation Firewall. This product protects network devices, virtual machines, operating systems, and business-critical applications by means of deep packet inspection. The new modular architecture is able to proactively adapt to the peculiarities of the detected threats, making it possible to spare the valuable rack-mount space, as well as power supply and cooling resources.

During the second part of the workshop, specialists of Cisco Systems proposed a comprehensive solution, which is integrated into the undertakings’ infrastructure to ensure business IT security at all levels.
Vladimir Ilibman, Cisco System security products manager, spoke about the Cisco strategies to prevent modern security threats nowadays and hereafter.

One of the presented Cisco products, Cyber Threat Defence, is designed to enhance the efficiency and the efficacy of analysis, and to ensure the key understanding of the network internal activities. Cisco solutions portfolio is complemented by the next generation of attack prevention systems Cisco SourceFire – an intelligent collective security system. SourceFire Defence Center maintains control of all products, which ensure the security.

During the final part of the event, Dinu Turcanu, S&T Mold consultant, shared with those present his experience in the professional development of security personnel using Cisco tools.

At the end of event, the workshop guests engaged in a free discussion with partners and facilitators, giving consideration to the key urgent issues of undertakings’ IT security.

Photos from the Event you can see here
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