27.05.2016 | Moldova

Forum Info Security 2016

Up-to-date Information Threats and Advanced Countermeasures

The traditional information security forum "Current Information Threats and Advanced Countermeasures", annually organized by S&T Mold together with IT market world leaders took place on May 25. This year, Cisco Systems and Elcore Group were the main partners of such important event.

During the forum, the S&T Mold customers - representatives of the financial and public sectors, telecom operators and retail representatives - learned about new trends in fire walls, email and web traffic security, Cisco Advanced Malware new protection technologies against malicious code, and Cisco AnyConnect functionality.

In most cases, companies learn about their systems hack after the fact, indeed most of them detect penetration in their systems in a few weeks, or even months. Cybercriminals progress in parallel with the security systems development and it is becoming more challenging to protect their penetration in full. "There is no magic black box or a single silver bullet, - said Pavel Rodionov, Systems Engineer Consultant, Cisco Systems, “Safety approach must be comprehensive, to be able to protect the company at every stage of the attack."

Pavel Rodionov presented several recent developments of Cisco Systems aimed to improve the companies’ protection from hacking and cyberattacks: Open DNS Umbrella, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), SPF, DMARC, etc.

FirePOWER TreatDefence (FTD), which combines the functionality of Cisco ASA and Firepower, was another latest product presented by Pavel Rodionov. It is a one-piece decision with unified interface and command line, as well as unified centralized management system with the possibility to spread global security policies to all devices at once.

The realities of the modern world are increasingly demanding from companies providing access to the company data from a variety of mobile devices, which complicates the task of the information security departments. Cisco offers Identity Services Engine, which solves this problem by providing the broadest capabilities to monitor users and devices to support and monitor corporate mobile access.

Maxim Poritsky, Systems Engineer, Elcore, presented overview of Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. He specified the modern requirements for employee remote access, which are as follows: uniform access context visibility, convenience, and a compromise between simplicity of IT support and a variety of options for the users, and comprehensive security. He told about Web Security based on Cisco Web Security Appliance and Network Visibility Module (NVM), providing enhanced visibility.

He explained Cisco Identity Services Engine Posture Assessment or Cisco ASA HostScan, as well as specifics of new licensing in Cisco AnyConnect 4.x, simplifying the process and making it more flexible.

The Forum had concluded with bowling game, which united the participants and gave them unforgettable emotions and good mood.

“We are very excited to see every year more and more participants at this Forum. That means that we are doing important work, organizing meetings of our direct customers and vendors. Such events not only inform about the latest developments in information security, but also provide an opportunity to communicate directly with the vendors’ representatives and discuss the plans and new projects ", - said Dmitry Olkhovskiy, head of Corporate Systems Department, S&TMold.

S&T was established in Moldova in 1995, as a company representing the Austrian company S&T System Integration & Technology Distribution AG.

Today S&T Mold is a leading provider of IT solutions and services on the Moldovan IT market, as part of the S&T international group of companies that also operates in the Central and Eastern Europe.

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