11.10.2018 | Moldova

On October 03 - 04, 2018, the S&T Knowledge Transfer Event 2018 was held in Moldova.Part II

The second day of the Forum, on October 4th, began with Cisco Systems presentations. Victor Podkorytov, technical consultant at Cisco Systems, spoke about the latest updates to the Cisco United Computing System platform. Cisco UCS is the industry's first next-generation converged platform for establishing the data-processing centers, that provides intelligent, programmable infrastructure that simplifies and accelerates the deployment of enterprise-class applications and services in traditional, virtualized, and cloud computing environments.

In continuation of the topic, Victor talked about the updated software for the Cisco HyperFlex platform. HyperFlex 3.0 simplifies and improves the performance of applications in clouds of different scales. The new version includes such features as support for Microsoft Hyper-V, stretched clusters, containers, and new multi-cloud services that allow deploying, managing, and monitoring applications in any cloud. As a result, the updated system has the unique ability to support the development and deployment of both traditional and specialized cloud applications on a common hyper-converged platform.

In continuation of the presentation of Cisco Systems solutions Maxim Poritsky, the representative of the Elcore Distribution, consultant for Cisco products, focused on the security of the corporate networks based on Cisco Firepower and Umbrella. Cisco FirePOWER is a software solution adapted for multitasking that combines a new generation firewall (NGFW), a new generation intrusion prevention system (NGIPS), advanced malware protection (AMR), and URL filter. The solution is capable to analyze the threats faced by internal employees, working with applications inside and outside the network, to understand the application and the user, thereby providing unsurpassed comprehensive and multi-level protection of the corporate class. In addition, the solution is able to function both independently and in conjunction with Cisco ASA-X firewalls, expanding their functionality and thus providing protection for already made investments.

Cisco Umbrella Internet security gateway is a cloud-based information security platform that plays the role of the first line of defense for users both in the corporate network and beyond. Providing comprehensive coverage, Umbrella blocks existing and new threats across all ports and protocols and blocks access to dangerous domains, addresses (URL and IP) and files before a connection is established or a file is downloaded. Umbrella, a powerful and effective system security, does not require complicated operational procedures. All procedures are performed in the cloud, so there is no need to install hardware or update software.

The S&T Mold company supports the "Wine Road in Moldova" state national program, therefore the program of the two-day seminar included fascinating travel in the best directions of wine tourism of our country.
In the continuation of the first day of the seminar its participants visited "Cricova", the unique underground complex, deservedly called "the pearl of Moldovan winemaking". The participants visited a real underground city with its avenues and streets, which are named by brands of wines that are stored in the niche of the street, shop for the production of sparkling champagne, wine collection, which stores 1.2 million bottles of 658 wines. Program of the day ended with a dinner in the Presidential Hall of the wine complex.
On the second day of the seminar participants were invited to a fascinating journey to Chateau Cojusna, a medieval castle in the heart of the country.
The participants visited the production shops, discovered the secrets of the production of wines and cognacs, saw the cellars, where the wines were aging in the oak barrels, as well as walked through the wine galleries, where the collection of the most famous wines produced by the company "MIGDAL-P SA was stored. The evening ended with a gala dinner in the medieval Chateau hall.

S&T Mold thanks the participants and partners for their interest and participation in the seminar, and invites to the new meetings!