24.05.2018 | Moldova

Information Security Forum 2018

Current security threats and effective countermeasures

The IT infrastructure of modern companies becomes more dynamic. Range extension of possible options of consumer devices connection and their variety lead to changes in the landscape of attacks and provoke new risks, which poses new challenges on information security.

The annual Info Security 2018 Forum held by S&T Mold in the legendary Mi-Mi Castle with the support of the Head Technology Group and Elcore Group companies, considered topical products in the security sphere, presented by Cisco Systems, the world leader, and Ivanti company.

The Security forum was opened by Alexander Kopanskii, CEO of S&T Mold company, who thanked participants and vendor representatives for the fruitful cooperation and noted that security issues become a growing focus of top management. The companies are experiencing a stressful transition to digital technologies. This forces managers to reconsider their attitude to data protection.
The relevance of this topic is reasoned by the importance of commercial and financial information security, which loss leads to financial and repetitional risks.

The relevance of this topic is reasoned by the importance of commercial and financial information security, which loss leads to financial and repetitional risks.
Current security threats and effective countermeasures were a key theme of the Forum.

In mid-March 2018, the Executive Committee of the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova approved the Regulation on minimum requirements for information and communication systems of the banks, which will enter into force in July this year.

Valerii Cernei, information security audit specialist, CISA, CMC, Director of BSD Management providing audit and consulting services in the field of information technologies on the Moldovan market, told about all important points of the new regulation and its implementation.

According to Valerii: "The new regulation will bring a new level of maturity in the IT of the banks of the Republic of Moldova. The purpose of this regulation is to provide banks with the appropriate information and communication technology, brought to conformity with the general business strategy, establish adequate processes of internal management of the banks ICTs, and ensure relevant protection of the banks ITS systems by the internal risk management framework and internal control."

Security experts are increasingly concerned about pace of change acceleration and sophistication of cyber threats on a global scale.
Recognizing this, Hewlett Packard Enterprise identified digital asset protection as one of the key areas of its strategy in digital transformation field. HPE provides assistance in adapting, on the one hand, to the new business demands, and, on the other hand, to the changing threat landscape. By offering its customers a wide range of technologies and services in the field of information assets protection, HPE helps to ensure the highest level of protection and withstand even the most cunning threats.

Anatolii Digori, technical consultant of S&T IT Technology, presented HPE Synergy revolutionary solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise company to the Forum participants. Synergy is the next step in the evolution of converged systems that constitute the pre-configured virtualization infrastructures.
HPE has developed this solution for large enterprises that need a flexible cloud infrastructure, but which do not want to transfer applications to the cloud for security reasons or regulatory compliance.

Unique intelligent software built in HPE Synergy, automatic resource definition capabilities and flexible pools make it possible to instantly run the infrastructure and support the physical, virtual and containerized applications.

Single infrastructure implemented with HPE Synergy assistance simplifies using of traditional server-based applications and allows to easily introduce cloud applications and services. In this reconfigurable infrastructure with a single interface one can quickly combine compute resources, storage resources and network resources in any configuration required for a specific application.

In his lecture "Cyber security in 2017", Pavel Rodionov, representative of Cisco Systems, noted the main tendencies of the past year: the financial damage from attacks becomes more and more real, the attacks on supply chains become more complex and speedy, it is becoming more difficult to secure; the usage of cloud technologies is increasing, however the attackers are taking advantage of the lack of advanced security tools, trends in the growth of malware and the detection time.

Cisco is a recognized world leader of information security market. Over the past two years, the company has significantly strengthened its position in this area and released a number of new solutions to protect virtualized environments, content and mobile devices, network access control and applications, to fight against malicious codes, which were presented by Pavel during the lecture.

Maxim Poritsky, Cisco product engineer, representative of Elcore Group company, continued presentation of Cisco solutions. He focused his report on the Cisco Next-Generation Firewall solutions.
Maxim introduced the industry's first adaptive next generation firewall (NGFW) intended for extended protection from the latest threats and malware. Cisco® ASA with FirePOWER™ services provides integrated threat protection throughout the process of attack — before it, during attack and after its completion.

It combines in one device the possibility of firewall Cisco ASA protection and industry-best Sourcefire ® protection against threats and malware. This solution extends the capabilities of Cisco ASA 5500-X firewall series and leaves behind other NGFW solutions.

The S&T Mold company always welcomes new partners. The representatives of Head Technology and Ivanti addressed the Forum this year for the first time
HeadTechnology Group is a Value Added Distributor oriented on emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe, and CIS.

At the presentation of the company Alla Cherkay, VP Sales & Strategic Alliances Head Technology Group, said that the company's portfolio features a wide range of software and hardware solutions capable to ensure full protection of intellectual property and the most valuable assets of enterprises and organizations.

In the continuation of the presentation, Dmitry Melnikov, Director of Ivanti company, said that Ivanti is a world leader in the field of software development for automation and protection of the workplace. The company's products are represented in 4 areas: client management, endpoint protection, IT service and support, enterprise mobility management.

The Forum program was completed by technical presentation of Sergey Smelov, Ivanti consultant, who told how to detect external threats and protect the company's assets with Ivanti innovative solutions.

Special atmosphere in which the event took place is to be noted. The Forum was held in the legendary Mi-Mi Castle which is among the 15 architectural masterpieces in the world of wine-making.

Guests had the unique opportunity to learn about the history of Mi-Mi Castle, walk along its halls, visit the wine cellars and a shop for wine production and participate in wine tasting.