01.05.2017 | Moldova

International Balloon Fiesta Together with S&TMoldova

The International Balloon Fiesta is a spectacular hot air balloon parade. AEROBIS, national sport club, for the seventh time held a festival of balloons in the sky of Moldova- Balloon Fiesta MOLDOVA 2017.

S&TMold, the leading supplier of IT services and solutions in Moldovan IT market, was one of the partners of this event.

This year the festival audience witnessed a lot of bright events. Balloonists from our republic and also from Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine have risen into the sky. They demonstrated all their skills during the demonstration flights.

The spectators of this grandiose event did not remain without attention. Visitors could admire the flights of balloons, and those who wished could participate in the processes of lifting and assembling a hot air balloon, as well as personally experience all the delights of a fascinating air trip.

The entertainment program of the festival was full of fun. Visitors could enjoy fireworks, and interactive exhibitions, and, of course, participate in the improvised dedications to the brotherhood of balloonists.

Participants of the festival received memorable diplomas and gifts from the partners of the festival.

Thanks to the organizers and pilots for the amazing weekend and unforgettable emotions!