02.05.2016 | Moldova

S&T Information Security Forum 2017

Current information security threats and modern countermeasures

IT branch is the most dynamically developing. The deployment of corporate networks and their subsequent operation requires huge budgets, since it is the basis of business of any modern corporation. That is why, information security threats have gained a critical status. Attacks are more complex and more massive.

The most interesting security products presented by world leader– Cisco Systems were examined at the annual forum of S&T Mold Forum Info Security 2017, which was held with the support of Elcore Group, on 26 April.
The Cisco Systems representative Vladimir Ilibman introduced the FirePower network security system. This concept implies combating threats at all stages of their life cycle: immediate identification of attacks from external networks, detection of attempts to scan resources and internal network structure, full control over guest services and connections, identification of reliable protection policies before and during attacks.

Fire Power is a powerful solution for managing network assets and their vulnerabilities. Vladimir also mentioned cloud security: Cisco Meraki is the next generation of cloud-managed networking solutions, Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defense against threats on the Internet, Cisco Cloudlock protects against attacks through hacked accounts, malware and data leakage.

The Elcore Group System Engineer Maxim Poritsky continued with the security topic by introducing Cisco Identity Services Engine, which offers the broadest possibilities to monitor the users and devices for supporting and controlling corporate mobile access.

The platform exchanges data with integrated partner solutions, increasing their capacities to identify and neutralize threats and eliminate the consequences of violations.

The lecturers conducted a quiz for the forum participants, and the most attentive ones received special gifts from vendors. The entertaining part of the Security Forum event continued at the Sniping club shooting range

The participants in the forum not only underwent theoretical training, but also gained practical knowledge in shooting from carbine, handgun and hunting gun.

The club instructors carried out an informative shooting master class and exciting team competitions; also they awarded all participants with diplomas, and the most accurate shooters – with souvenir gifts.

S&T was established in Moldova in 1995, as a company representing the Austrian company S&T System Integration & Technology Distribution AG.
Today S&T Mold is a leading provider of IT solutions and services on the Moldovan IT market, as part of the S&T international group of companies that also operates in the Central and Eastern Europe.