16.09.2016 | Moldova

Knowledge Transfer Event 2016

The S&T Knowledge Transfer Event 2016 annual forum involving the world’s IT industry leaders was held in Moldova on September 14 and 15.

Technologies became, perhaps, the greatest agent of change in the modern world. As the S&T Mold Knowledge Transfer Event 2016 participants experienced, positive technological breakthroughs promise to provide innovative solutions of the most pressing problems of our time.

The day of September 14th was devoted to the presentations of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Hewlett-Packard Incorporated solutions, and the second day of the Forum, September 15th, was represented by Cisco Systems and EMC.

The clients of S&T Company took part in the Forum: heads of IT departments of some financial institutions, telecommunication operators, representatives of state companies and industrial enterprises.

The Forum was opened by Alexander Kopanskii, S&T Mold Company General Director, who thanked the participants for fruitful cooperation and noted that such annual forums help customers correctly navigate in the rapidly changing world of technology, and be always one step ahead due to high-tech integral solutions of such world leaders as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Hewlett-Packard Incorporated, Cisco Systems and EMC.

Vendors’ representatives and speakers - Stojche Dimov (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), Radoslav Georgiev (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Aruba), Dmitry Olkhovsky (S&TMold),

Viktor Podkorytov (Cisco Systems), Maxim Paritscky (Elcore) and Denis Serov (EMC) - acquainted the Forum participants with the latest developments of their companies in the areas of networking, data center, IT infrastructure virtualization, storage systems, mobile and business solutions.

“Today S&T Mold is a leading provider of IT solutions and services on Moldovan market of IT technologies. Such kind of events make it possible for the Company’s clients to receive necessary information about innovations of IT-industry leaders, discuss their plans and new projects with the vendors, and develop optimal IT solutions for their enterprises,” - said Dmitry Olkhovsky, S&T Mold Enterprise Solutions Manager.

After informative part the Forum participants took part in golf master class organized by Moldova Golf Federation

and bowling friendly rivalry, that gave unforgettable emotions and left vivid impressions about the seminar.

Knowledge Transfer Event 2016