Career at S&T Mold

The S&T Group is of one of central and eastern Europe's leading providers of IT solutions. These earn it annual revenues of some Euro 340 million. Its 2,300 employees staff offices located in 19 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. S&T's customers are multinationals and SMEs in a variety of sectors plus a large number of renowned trading companies and resellers.

Founded in 1990, S&T has a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. It includes appliances used in vertically-integrated markets, and hardware and software-based solutions employed in the outsourcing, integration and consulting areas. S&T has forged partnerships with such renowned corporations as Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Intel. S&T is also renowned a manufacturer and wholesaler of IT products. Its wide-ranging portfolio is sold under the MAXDATA and chiliGREEN brands, and is comprised of PC, storage and server hardware, and extends to vandalism-proof embedded products.

S&T Mold was founded in 1995 and counts among the leading IT solutions and services providers in Moldova.
S&T Mold has 27 employees. The company invests about 5% of wages annually in training and further education programs, to raise the competence and professionalism of its employees and therefore increase the quality of its services.

What's so special about working for us?

• International field of operation. We offer jobs featuring a wide variety of challenging activities. These are performed in advanced facilities located in 19 countries. Our company rewards and expects unconventional thinking and independent initiative.
• At the cutting edge through direct contact with IT manufacturers and other technology leaders
• Paths of professional growth: each designed to advance your career with the S&T Group
• Creativity: You get the freedom to pursue your responsibilities and to contribute your ideas.
• Remuneration. A salary model that rewards performance
• Flexible times of work

What does our corporate culture?

S&T corporate culture is characterized by flat hierarchies and a pleasant working environment. The culture also features team spirit and the opportunity to employ your sense of initiative and responsibility towards shaping the future of the company.

What we expect of our applicants

We employ several, equally important criteria in selecting our employees:
• expertise in their fields, professionalism in work and in dealings and the high degree of flexibility needed to adapt to varying and changing client requirements.
• We also make sure that future employees fit perfectly into our team.

Our advice for applicants

Need to know something? Then ask us! Don't be shy!

Preferred form of application
E-mail: Send us the documents telling us what we need to know about you (CV, references, testimonials, employers' certificates, a photograph) via

Procedure of selection

We employ face-to-face interviews to select our employees. With this depending on the position, there are 2-3 rounds of these meetings. In some cases, tests and presentations also form part of the procedure.